Which of these 5 Campus Personalities Are You?

So I have reached a new milestone in my adult life having completed my first year of the prestigious MBA course successfully. The passing year has instilled in me more confidence, ability to manage people but most importantly the ability to categorize people into sample sets. Call this as my inclination towards business research or my good observational skills; I am highly indebted to this course for bringing out my superpower to light.

You may be wondering I am high on sugar and blowing my own trumpet. Well for starters, you could never be more correct. But before you draw any conclusion let me explain you my alibi. It’s not me but the season that is to be blamed; the most awaited B-school season is back and so is the terror that it accompanies. The entire campus is filled with motley of emotions- excitement, competition, late night preparations (the reason for me being high on sugar, remember!), fear, angst, joy, tears, glum, cries of cheer to name a few.

While the rest of my peers (or my competitors) are burning the midnight oil before the highest paying company (money does matter after all) process scheduled for tomorrow morning I could not help but put my business research skills to good use. I will categorize all my samples into five sets that belong to the placement process universe.

diligent-developersThe Diligent Developers: This set is extremely clinical in the entire placement process. While the mortals have a plan B in place in case of the plan A going bust, the diligent developers have plan A-Z chalked out with surgical precision. For every ‘Tell me about Yourself’ question in the interview they tell a different story about themselves perfectly apt for the candidate the company is looking for. Extremely hardworking, this set has been preparing for the entire placement process even before their first B-school exams. You can identify this tribe with an air of coolness about them while they wait anxiously for the process to kick start with their perfect CVs in their hands.


fearful-freshersThe Fearful Freshers: Welcome to the world of the highly vulnerable and extremely enthusiastic set. The freshers have all the requisite certifications and extra-curricular mentions inscribed in their CVs. This set works relentlessly to be shortlisted in the companies on campus and waits with baited breath before every shortlist is out. The fear of experience looms large for this set every passing placement day. This tribe can be identified biting nails while scanning through the shortlist displayed outside the process room.



exhibitionist-experiencedThe Exhibitionist Experienced: These people do not need any introduction because they have enough knowledge and expertise in a corporate environment. The ‘Know–It –All’ set has answers to all the questions prefixed with the experience they have had in the field. A large portion of their CV is dedicated to their work experience and they will never be found preparing for any process because common they know everything. You can identify the exhibitionists sneering at the freshers and having airs about themselves with their heavily armored CVs in their hands.



accidental-achieversThe Accidental Achievers: Serendipity is home turf to this sample set. The underdogs throughout the year that has gone by have their moment of glory in the placement season. While the entire campus is giving this group a blind eye before the placement process they have the tongues wagging and eyes glaring at them once the selection happens. These are the silent assassins who lie low while preparing for the process away from the prying eyes and nail the coveted offers much to the disdain of their counterparts. Achievers can be identified jumping with joy in the campus corridors after the placement results are announced.


tenacious-tankersThe Tenacious Tankers: The Tankers are the best competitors any B-school candidate could every pray for. This tribe has the ability to tank any process even if they are competing against walls. They come prepared for the placement process but somewhere between shortlist and selection they lose their charm and fall prey to the PROCESS itself. Their justifications for not being selected ranges from the company not being on their list, the process not being handled well, the job profile not being the one they thought it to be to it not being their day. While they do enter the process hall with confidence they leave it by mocking the process as if they job role is not fit for them.


I have tried to broadly categorize the B-school junta in five major sets but there will always be an overlap between any two or more sets. All of us, the revered B-school students have encountered these sample sets during our placement process and will continue to be amazed by their co-existence in the years to come. Each one of us can sense a feeling of belonging to one or more sets. Which tribe do you belong to? I will leave you here with some food for thought to begin with my preparation for the process tomorrow not before adding another pointer (my superpower) to my CV.

Courtesy: Shiva Tripathy, SIMSREE


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