Bridging the Skill & Aspiration Gap

Bridging the Skill & Aspiration Gap

Skill & Aspiration GapWe often come across business articles wherein the supply and demand of talent is in status quo. The skills and aspirations are in a state of inertia and there is a rift in the needs of the organizations and the aspirations of the individuals. We believe that both the sides are trying extremely hard to bridge this gap but what they lack is the vision to do so which primarily is to understand the needs of the section at the other end of the tunnel. This gap can be observed at all the levels of the corporate ladder. The mismatch between the supply and demand sides can be attributed to a number of reasons which we try to aggregate.


young graduate

A Young Professional’s Dilemma

As a young graduate when you entered the corporate world were you aware of all the complexities in the corporate sector? Did you make your career choice or were they imposed on you by your families, peers or us; the society at large? Did you develop your capabilities to evolve in the corporate domain? When you progress in the organizations with an ambition to scale higher roles up the corporate ladder; you look for transition to better and more sought after roles but the only challenge is the gap between the skills you have acquired and the ones demanded by the corporations.

The Corporation’s Reality

The corporations find it difficult to bridge the skill and the aspiration gap of the workforce. This is because of the misalignment between the employee goals and the corporation goals. The employee training and development programs in the corporations fail to understand the skillset that are required to be built up for each individual and only look at the overall perspective of the organizational goal and fail to have a microscopic understanding of the individuals’ career goals.

These account for the career disaster. You as a professional are dissatisfied by the misalignment between your goal and your organization’s goal. Whether you are a student or a professional you feel constrained by your current skills but still want to grow in your career. We at Bejobbed Incorporation understand this pain point and help you to develop yourselves so that you gel well with the organization’s requirements while still being focussed on your career goals. We come up with weekly posts that will help you polish your skills in your transition towards your career goals. Happy learning!

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