What is Aspire?

Aspire helps recent B-school graduates to make right career choices & build a solid foundation for their career. Aspire is carefully designed to achieve this right fitment between the career of choice and organization requirements.  Aspire tries to correct the campus placement process which is influenced by factors such as limited choices, lack of job clarity, salary and peer pressure.

Why Aspire?

Right fitment of candidates with organizations ensuring long term career growth.

Transparency allows you to take informed decisions and transition to better roles.

Systematic career guidance and awareness about Industry.

Program Process

Step 1: ProfilerProfiler is designed to help us understand student’s aspiration better. It will also help introspect about student’s career choice in a better way.
Step 2: Online AssessmentAn online assessment which directly measures sector/role specific skills and attributes.
Step 3: ProjectProject to provide students with industry/sector insights and to experience the work environment.
Step 4: CounsellingGuidance before the interview through a systematic Pre-Interview counselling.
Step 5: InterviewInterview with Organization.
Step 6: Post-Joining Mentoring Industry expert will mentor the candidates and help them achieve their fullest potential and kickstart their career.

To know more about Aspire, you can Apply Now or Call  Nikhil Thale on at +91 75067 81863

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