5 Steps: How To Plan A Successful Career Shift

Of late, have you contemplated changing your job? Thereby, you may also have a list of companies you want to be a part of. You might also be thinking of roles that you want to be into & believe you will get in your dream role at the right time. As a result, you are still waiting for your dream offer.

Many people at retirement feel that they could have reached better heights if they had planned their career in advance. While career shift is a stressful process, the results are quite rewarding if the whole process is planned beforehand. Let’s look at five steps that will help you to plan a successful career shift.

Do an Internal Capability Analysis 1) Do an Internal Capability Analysis

Ask yourself, why do need the new job? Do you need the change for better pay, better responsibility or better role? What makes it different from the one you are currently working on? Will the new opportunity help you reach your career goal? Does it align with your ethics, values & career objectives? The answers to these questions will give you a crystal clear idea of where you want to reach in your career.



Develop Your Skills 2) Develop Your Skills  

As in the age old fable, the hunter needed a whetstone to sharpen his tool. Likewise, a job hunter needs the skillset mapped to the job he is anxiously waiting to nail. It pays off greatly to have the right skills that are best suited for your desired role.

Have you enrolled for a skill development course to gain the knowledge & experience required to move one step closer to your career goal? It is always a great move to train yourself with the necessary skills that will help you ascend the corporate ladder.


Your Network Defines Your Net Worth 3) Your Network Defines Your Net Worth

Your tribe of colleagues are a bunch of highly effective networking source. Joining online & offline communities like LinkedIn, Meetup where you connect with like-minded people can be of great help. You may never know who will be your next boss or colleague. Refrain from being a social pariah if you are wishing for a job switch.

You can also have an insider’s perspective on the new job you are aiming for. Get to know the people working in the new job. It always pays off if you are well prepared with the nuances of the new job and nothing is better than getting the details directly from the horse’s mouth.


Patience is Virtue4) Patience is Virtue

Job switch can be a very tiring process. While you would want to expedite the process, it will take its own sweet time. Don’t rush into the process. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Your job is waiting for you as you have been waiting for it this long. Enjoy the luxury of time to find your next job.

Live the process rather than pacing through it. Give yourself ample time to thoroughly think through the process. The good things in life take time. Stick to your plan and follow your instincts; even Rome was not built in a day.


Never Back Down5) Never Back Down

There will be instances when you won’t get your next job as you would have planned. Hence, always have a plan B in place. Never get bogged down by few failures. It is part of the process and will help you gain experience in what went wrong in the entire process. While you would have a rosy plan in your mind, it would be in your stride that it never fructified. Every failure will make you resilient enough to reach your career goal.

Little efforts that you take now will help you scale the corporate ladder and reach the career goal you have set out for yourself. Planning and execution of the plan will help a great deal in the career shift you have been looking for all these years. The corporate world is inviting you with open arms, become a change maker of your professional life now.  


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